Merry Christmas from Backlots!


From beautiful, unseasonably warm New York City, where I have spent the past week engulfed in research, I wish you a very happy holiday! Here are some photos of classic Hollywood stars celebrating.

marion davies UCLA Children's Clinic Xmas party 1954 LAPL

The Marion Davies Children’s Clinic, 1954

Marion Davies founded her children’s clinic in 1926, and every year she sponsored a party for the patients and their families, which included entertainment for the children and a Christmas turkey and groceries for the parents. Here in 1954, she celebrates with the children and Santa Claus, played by her husband, Horace Brown.

During the war, many celebrities participated in fundraising activities for the war effort. In this scene, Bette Davis plays a mother teaching her onscreen children the value of war bonds.

Judy Garland sings “Silent Night,” 1937.


Claudette Colbert with her Christmas wreath, 1932.

Angela Lansbury sings “We Need a Little Christmas,” from the original Broadway cast recording of Mame.


Colleen Moore sings Christmas carols.


Lucille Ball with a wreath in the late 1930s.

Here’s to a wonderful day today, and see you next time!


2 responses to “Merry Christmas from Backlots!

  1. Happy holidays to my favorite blogger in my favorite city. Marty

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