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Olivia de Havilland Update, Part II–How to Get Involved


Dear readers, over the past months, I have gotten several comments and emails from people asking what they can do to help the Olivia de Havilland case. I just received some correspondence from de Havilland’s legal counsel, outlining exactly how to get involved in the petition to review the appellate court’s decision. I had known this was coming for some time, but wanted to wait to update you until I had all the information. Now I can tell you all the details of exactly what we can do.

We are to write amici curiae letters to the California Supreme Court in support of the petition to review. For those up to the task–doing this correctly requires careful following of several steps, so I’m going to streamline it as much as possible based on what I’ve done, so that this process can take as little of your time as possible.

Here is what your letterhead should look like, and how you should address and start the letter:

Your name

Your address

Your phone number



Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye

and the Associate Justices

Supreme Court of California

350 McAllister st.

San Francisco, CA 94102
Re: de Havilland v. FX Networks, LLC, et al., Court of Appeal Case No. B285629 and California Supreme Court Case No. S248614

Dear Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye and the Associate Justices of the California Supreme Court,

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 8.500(g), I am writing in support of the Petition for Review of Olivia de Havilland, de Havilland v. FX Networks, LLC, et al., Court of Appeal Case Number B285629 and California Supreme Court Case Number S248614.

Here is what you should put in the letter:

  • Who you are, your profession, your interest in the issues of the case (right to protect name and identity from knowingly false statements, right to a trial by jury, etc)
  • Why these issues are important to be considered by the California Supreme Court
  • Why trial by jury is important for everyone, not just Dame Olivia
  • State that you have no personal financial interest in the case

Speak in your own voice, and explain (for example) why truth in media is important, and that falsehoods have no value. Most of all, make it your own and explain why this is important to you.


Fill out the Proof of Service document. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to just download the photo, print it, and fill it out.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 11.31.08 PM

Now comes the rather daunting part (in case you forgot that this is a legal case).

  • Make TWO copies of the letter and send them to the attorneys on both sides of the case. Their names and addresses are in the Proof of Service document, but to make everything totally accessible, here they are again:

Suzelle M. Smith, Esq.                                             Kelly M. Klaus, Esq.

Howarth & Smith                                                     Munger Tolles & Olson LLP

523 W. 6th Street                                                      350 South Grand Avenue

Suite 728                                                                   50th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90014                                            Los Angeles, CA 90071

  • Then you must make EIGHT copies of the letter you wrote, and mail the copies, along with the original letter you wrote and the Proof of Service to the Clerk of the Court:

Mr. Jorge E. Navarrete

Clerk of the Court

Supreme Court of California

350 McAllister Street

San Francisco, CA 94102-4797

  • And that’s it!

We are to get our letters mailed by June 1, 2018. Suzelle Smith’s office wants us to know that she’s aware of how much effort this is, but she assures us that it will be well worth it. These letters might make the difference.

Any questions? Comments? Feel free to leave anything in the comments section or email me. Thank you so much for supporting this important cause. Suzelle Smith closed her correspondence with:

“Thank you very much for your interest in Miss de Havilland’s case and your willingness to be a part of the process for justice.  If the California Supreme Court does take the case, we hope you will be at the oral argument.”

Happy letter writing!





Cinecon Coverage Starts Today!

It’s here, readers! Cinecon 49 starts today at 2:00. Please stay tuned for live tweets and frequent updates throughout the festival, in addition to nightly rundowns on the blog. Here is the schedule of the festival, taken from the Cinecon website:

Thursday August 29
2:00 IT’S A FRAME UP (2013) 30 min
2:30 THE DOME DOCTOR (1925) 25 min Larry Semon
3:00 PUDDIN’ HEAD (1940) 80 min Judy Canova
4:35 DOWN ARGENTINE WAY (1940) 89 min Betty Grable & Don Ameche
6:05 Dinner Break
7:40 RED PEPPER (1925) 20 min Al St. John
7:57 IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE (1933) 3 min Trailer
8:00 THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1924) 78 min Earle Foxe & Grace Cunard
9:30 WAY OUT WEST (1920) 25 min Hank Mann & Vernon Dent
10:00 SILK HOSE HIGH PRESSURE (1915) 40 min Billie Ritchie & Alice Howell
10:50 TERROR ABOARD (1933) 69 min Charles Ruggles & Shirley Grey
Friday August 30
9:00 JUST A GOOD GUY (1924) 20 min Arthur Stone & Fay Wray
9:20 DR. JACK (1922) 60 min Harold Lloyd
10:30 HOLLYWOOD’S SILENT ECHOES with John Bengtson 45 min
Click on the link above to get a copy of Mr. Bengtson’s self-guided tour of silent era Hollywood film locations. During lunch John will lead a quick walking tour from the theater to the historic 1600 block of Cahuenga nearby.
11:35 A TOUGH WINTER (1930) 20 min [English language version] Our Gang
11:55 A TOUGH WINTER (1930) 10 min [French version] Our Gang
12:05 DON’T GET NERVOUS 10 min Billy Gilbert & Fay McKenzie
12:15 Lunch Break
2:00 FLUTTERING HEARTS (1927) 20 min Charley Chase & Martha Sleeper
2:30 To Be Determined 112 min
4:30 KICK ME AGAIN (1925) 12 min Charles Puffy
4:55 RAMROD (1948) 95 min Joel McCrea & Veronica Lake
6:30 Dinner Break
8:00 THE SCHOOL TEACHER AND THE WAIF (1912) 15 min Mary Pickford
8:15 THE PRIDE OF THE CLAN (1917) 80 min Mary Pickford
9:50 LET’S GO NATIVE (1930) 75 min Jeanette MacDonald & Jack Oakie
11:15 ONE MILE FROM HEAVEN (1937) 60 min Claire Trevor & Sally Blaine
Saturday August 31
12:00 A FRESH START (1920) 15 min Jimmie Adams
12:15 THE HOLY TERROR (1937) 67 min Jane Withers
1:30 A BLONDE’S REVENGE (1926) 20 min Ben Turpin & Vernon Dent
1:50 THE GOOD BAD MAN (1916) 65 min Douglas Fairbanks & Bessie Love
3:00 TRANSIENT LADY (1935) 72 min Frances Drake & Gene Raymond
4:25 MARE NOSTRUM (1926) 102 min Alice Terry
6:05 Dinner Break
8:00 THEIR FIRST EXECUTION (1913) 14 min Ford Sterling
8:15 SUDDENLY IT’S SPRING (1947) 87 min Fred MacMurray & Paulette Goddard
9:55 HOLD ‘EM YALE (1928) 78 min Rod La Rocque
11:15 To Be Determined
Sunday September 1
9:00 TURKISH HOWLS (1927) 20 min Al Cooke & Kit Guard
9:20 EVE’S LEAVES (1926) 75 min Leatrice Joy & William Boyd
10:50 SUTTER’S GOLD (1936) 95 min Edward Arnold & Lee Tracy
12:30 Lunch Break
2:00 A THRILLING ROMANCE (1926) 20 min Wanda Wiley & Earl McCarthy
2:20 OH, MARY, BE CAREFUL (1921) 70 min Madge Kennedy
3:45 APRIL LOVE (1957) 99 min In person, honoree Shirley Jones (Q&A after)
7:30 BOTTOMS UP (1934) 85 min Spencer Tracy & Thelma Todd
9:00 THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE (1956) 104 min Ernest Borgnine
10:50 IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU (1939) 72 min Stuart Erwin & Gloria Stuart
Monday September 2
9:00 WET AND WARMER (1920) 25 min Billie Ritchey
9:25 CASTLES FOR TWO (1917) 60 min Marie Doro
10:45 THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1929) 71 min Clive Brook
12:00 Lunch Break
1:15 To Be Determined
3:00 CHINA (1943) 78 min Loretta Young & Alan Ladd
4:30 FIFTY ROADS TO TOWN (1937) 91 min Don Ameche & Ann Sothern
6:00 HI, GOOD LOOKIN’ (1944) 60 min Ozzie Nelson & Harriet Hilliard

I am turning on live tweets now. See you in a few hours!