A Sneak Peek at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Well readers, I am back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from my cello master class, and ready to tackle Backlots’ next big event, which is my coverage of the renowned San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Leonard Maltin referred to the festival as “in a class all by itself,” and I feel honored and privileged to have been granted press credentials to such an event. Here is a peek at what I will be covering.

July 12
7:00 pm Opening Night Film
WINGS (1927)
9:30 pm Opening Night Party at
McRoskey Mattress Company
July 13
10:30 am Amazing Tales from
the Archives
1:00 pm LITTLE TOYS (1933)
4:00 pm THE LOVES OF PHARAOH (1922)
7:00 pm MANTRAP (1926)
July 14
10:00 am FELIX THE CAT SILENT CARTOONS (1925-1929)
12:00 noon THE SPANISH DANCER (1923)
2:30 pm THE CANADIAN (1926)
5:00 pm SOUTH (1919)
7:00 pm Centerpiece Film
10:00 pm THE OVERCOAT (1926)
July 15
10:00 am THE MARK OF ZORRO (1920)
12:00 noon THE DOCKS OF NEW YORK (1928)
2:00 pm EROTIKON (1920)
4:30 pm STELLA DALLAS (1925)
7:30 pm THE CAMERAMAN (1928)

Please check back throughout the weekend of July 12 for continuing festival updates!


3 responses to “A Sneak Peek at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

  1. Can’t believe I’m only two hours away from San Fran and I’m going to miss out…oh well I’ll live vicariously through you lol. Have fun!

  2. Aww, that’s too bad! I will make frequent updates!

  3. This looks fantastic! Sooo jealous! Am looking forward to reading your posts.

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