A Mother’s Day Picture Gallery–Hollywood Mothers and Their Children

Joan Crawford with children Christopher, Christina, Cathy and Cynthia.

Lauren Bacall with son Stephen (left) and daughter Leslie.

Rita Hayworth with daughters Yasmin (left) and Rebecca.

Gene Tierney with daughter Daria.

Lana Turner and daughter Cheryl.

Olivia de Havilland and son Benjamin

Joan Fontaine and daughters Debbie and Martita.

Elizabeth Taylor with daughter Liza.

Bette Davis with her daughter Margot.

Debbie Reynolds with son, Todd, and daughter, Carrie.

Rosalind Russell with her son, Lance.

Judy Garland and son Joe.


5 responses to “A Mother’s Day Picture Gallery–Hollywood Mothers and Their Children

  1. SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great collection of photos! (Although, I have to say… at first glance, I thought Joan Crawford was Jerry Orbach.)

  3. OMG. I’m pretty sure Joan Crawford IS Jerry Orbach, actually. I totally see the resemblance.

  4. Stephen Bogart looks so much like his dad! It would have been cute to see him in a little trenchcoat and hat.

  5. I know, he really does, doesn’t he? Leslie doesn’t really look like either of them, I wonder where she came from! 🙂

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