2012 LAMMY Awards–For Your Consideration

Friends, I am incredibly grateful for all the support and kind comments that have been coming into this blog during the first year of its existence. You are a wonderful audience, and I surely couldn’t continue this blog without all my readers, who keep me coming back to this rather stark wordpress template I have grown to love and associate with excitement, knowledge, and pride.

I have been lucky to have been accepted into 2 of the premier classic film blogging associations on the internet over the past year–the Classic Movie Blog Association, and the Large Association of Movie Blogs. The Classic Movie Blog Association bestowed upon Backlots its first competitive award earlier this year, a CiMBA for Best Classic Movie Discussion for my post on the final scene of The Heiress, and I was amazed and humbled at the honor. Given my success with the CMBA, I thought I’d take a stab at a LAMMY, the annual awards competition held by the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I am still a very new blog, competing with longstanding, established blogs for some of the highest blogging awards in the online film community, and I’m very aware of this. But I’ve decided to give it a try! Here are the things I feel I am eligible for:

  • Best Classic Film Blog
  • Best Blogathon: Dueling Divas
  • Best New LAMB

If you are a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, please consider voting for Backlots in these categories! Thank you so much, I am truly honored to be part of this association, and able to be nominated.


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