The first day has arrived! It is currently 1:15 in the morning, but I am busy collecting the entries that have arrived already. This list will be updated as more posts come in.

BACKLOTS: I have taken a look at the 1954 Oscar feud between Grace Kelly and Judy Garland.

CRÍTICA RETRO: This post is a lovely examination of that wonderful film full of dueling divas, The Women! The cast, the film, backstories and trivia. Written in Portuguese, but don’t worry–there’s a translate button on the right.

CAROLE & CO.: Though Carole Lombard never seemed to have a feud with anyone, she certainly had some competition onscreen, with one actress in particular! Check out with whom!

A PERSON IN THE DARK: I had so much fun reading this one! I’m a big fan of Josephine and Daphne, so I’m so glad someone chose to profile them for this blogathon. Here, they go head to head in 10 mini competitions such as Best Hair, Best Legs, and Least Conflicted About Her Gender..

IN THE MOOD: Susan Hayward and Paulette Goddard battle it out over forest ranger Fred MacMurray in this entertaining and well-written post about The Forest Rangers!

I STARTED LATE AND FORGOT THE DOG: Divine and witty entry comparing and contrasting two Joan Crawford and Bette Davis movies–The Great Lie and When Ladies Meet. You will love this one!!



HELIUM.COM: Joann Spears profiles many many films featuring a great many dueling divas in her comprehensive and informative post “Top Movies for a Baby Boomer Night of Chick Flicks.”

Also, see her comment below for Joann’s contribution of some of the great dueling diva scenes she talks about in her post!

MY LOVE OF OLD HOLLYWOOD: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis show their claws in a hilarious posthumous interview with Page.

FOREVER CLASSICS: A great review of In This Our Life, in which Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland play dueling sisters.

FRANKLY MY DEAR: A detailed examination of the characters played by Joan Crawford and Greer Garson in When Ladies Meet.



BETTE’S CLASSIC MOVIE BLOG: Verbal spats and witty comebacks abound in The Lion in Winter!



TRUE CLASSICS: Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple, two dancing divas of the 1930’s, square off in I’ll Be Seeing You. Right in time for the Christmas holiday!

VIVANDLARRY.COM: Kendra discusses Isabelle Adjani’s chilling and bizarre dual role in the movie Possessed.



  1. TheBestofAlexandra

    I hope it’s not too late to join this blogathon:
    It’s about The Great Lie (Bette Davis duel movie) vs. When Ladies Meet (Joan Crawford duel movie).

  2. Of course it’s not too late! Reading your entry now, and will post it on the site presently!

  3. Glad you liked “p1202 vs. p1206”; it was a pleasure to write. Enjoying the blogathon!

  4. Can I make a multi-nominee entry?

    My article on “Top Movies for a Boomer Night of Chick Flicks”
    features some of my favorite dueling divas:

    Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth in “Mildred Pierce”
    the bitch slap clip:

    Bette Davis and Gale Sonndergard in “The Letter”
    the fish-eye clip – so who needs dialog?

    Bette Davis and Gladys Cooper in “Now Voyager”
    My mom once gave me a foulard dress too:

    Nominees from my article “Ten Movies that Should be Remade and Why”:

    Mary Astor and Ruth Chatterton in “Dodsworth”
    birthday clip…meow!

    Bette Davis and Barbara O’Neil in “All This and Heaven Too”
    Bette and Barbara and Boyer too:

    PS-This is a great blog! Glad I found it.

    My blog about the original dueling divas, the six wives of Henry VIII, is at You’ll find a blogroll there with a blog for each of the six wives. All in fun of course!

  5. Sorry about the error with the clip from “The Letter”, here is the correct link:

  6. Here’s my post for the blogathon:

    It’s about Greer vs. Joan (on screen and off) in “When Ladies Meet.” Thank you so much for hosting this blogathon, I had a lot of fun with it!

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