Happy Birthday to Gene Tierney!

Today is Star of the Month Gene Tierney’s birthday! She would have been 91 years old. Here is a photographic and video tribute to her. Stay tuned the rest of this month for more Gene Tierney-themed posts!

Interview with Gene Tierney, July 1985.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Gene Tierney!

  1. Thank you for this nice tribute!

  2. Thanks for posting. Happy Birthday Gene!

  3. I think Gene was in the top 5 of most beautiful actresses of the 20th Century. Those rectangular shaped eyes, her manner of holding herself and walking — just unforgettable. I know her life was a difficult one in many ways. I’m a fan of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, and although Patricia Neal was good in the movie, Gene Tierney fit the description of Dominique perfectly from the book. With her cool demeanor and looks, she should have had the part. Lovely pictorial tribute to a favorite of mine!

  4. I agree with you, Becky! Gene Tierney is one of the most beautiful actresses of the 20th century in my book, too. For me, she and Vivien Leigh take the #1 spot. I’ve never read The Fountainhead, but Gene certainly does fit your description of Dominique. Thanks for your comment!

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