Backlots’ First Blogathon–DUELING DIVAS!

On the occasion of Backlots’ 7-month birthday tomorrow (has it already been that long??), I have decided to tackle the daunting task of a blogathon. I really hope this works.

The idea for this blogathon came from a very clever movie marathon at the Castro Theatre a number of years ago, entitled the “Dueling Divas” marathon. Each day, the theatre would show a double feature–each film starring one lady of the silver screen who had a rivalry with the lady starring in the other. For example, they had an entire week devoted to Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, where they showed double features of Possessed/The Letter, The Women/All About Eve, Johnny Guitar/In This Our Life, etc.

So drawing on that very clever idea, I am hosting the Dueling Divas Blogathon, which I have scheduled to take place between December 20-23. It’s a ways off, so as to leave enough time to plan your blogging schedules accordingly.

Participants may blog about any of the following types of Dueling Divas:

  • Those who had a rivalry in real life, either over a particular film role or over a personality clash, ie Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
  • Those who had a rivalry on the screen, ie Mildred and Veda from Mildred Pierce
  • Any dual role (see what I did there? Duel? Dual? Be proud.) played by an actor or actress in a classic film, ie Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap.
It’s totally free reign, you can write about the divas themselves, compare and contrast one of each of their films, and if you’re going to write about dual roles, you can talk about the differences in their characters or the actor’s technique in portraying them…you get the idea.
Ok, a select few rules and regulations:
1) You can write your entry whenever you want, but please do submit your entries between December 20 and 23, so I can keep track of them.
2) Drop me a comment on this post to let me know you would like to participate, and I’ll add your blog to the list of contributing blogs. I’ll be making an official post as the event gets closer, and to submit your entry, please comment with a link to your entry on the official post.
3) Write on something you love and are interested in! Make funny posts! Make overly dramatic posts! This theme can elicit lots of crazy awesome entries, and it would be so much fun to see a diverse range of posts with many different tones and topics. One of the fun things about blogathons is that we get to experience the different tones of each individual blog, so make it your own! I’m so excited to read all the entries.
Here is a list of contributing blogs thus far:
  I’m leaving a few banners for you to use. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Nagging annoyances? Friendly reminders? Emotional outbursts? Drop me a comment! I look forward to reading all your entries come December!
EDIT: Here are the entries!

BACKLOTS: I have taken a look at the 1954 Oscar feud between Grace Kelly and Judy Garland.

CRÍTICA RETRO: This post is a lovely examination of that wonderful film full of dueling divas, The Women! The cast, the film, backstories and trivia. Written in Portuguese, but don’t worry–there’s a translate button on the right.

CAROLE & CO.: Though Carole Lombard never seemed to have a feud with anyone, she certainly had some competition onscreen, with one actress in particular! Check out with whom!

A PERSON IN THE DARK: I had so much fun reading this one! I’m a big fan of Josephine and Daphne, so I’m so glad someone chose to profile them for this blogathon. Here, they go head to head in 10 mini competitions such as Best Hair, Best Legs, and Least Conflicted About Her Gender..

IN THE MOOD: Susan Hayward and Paulette Goddard battle it out over forest ranger Fred MacMurray in this entertaining and well-written post about The Forest Rangers!

I STARTED LATE AND FORGOT THE DOG: Divine and witty entry comparing and contrasting two Joan Crawford and Bette Davis movies–The Great Lie and When Ladies Meet. You will love this one!!



HELIUM.COM: Joann Spears profiles many many films featuring a great many dueling divas in her comprehensive and informative post “Top Movies for a Baby Boomer Night of Chick Flicks.”

Also, see her comment below for Joann’s contribution of some of the great dueling diva scenes she talks about in her post!

MY LOVE OF OLD HOLLYWOOD: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis show their claws in a hilarious posthumous interview with Page.

FOREVER CLASSICS: A great review of In This Our Life, in which Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland play dueling sisters.

FRANKLY MY DEAR: A detailed examination of the characters played by Joan Crawford and Greer Garson in When Ladies Meet.



BETTE’S CLASSIC MOVIE BLOG: Verbal spats and witty comebacks abound in The Lion in Winter!



TRUE CLASSICS: Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple, two dancing divas of the 1930′s, square off in I’ll Be Seeing You. Right in time for the Christmas holiday!

VIVANDLARRY.COM: Kendra discusses Isabelle Adjani’s chilling and bizarre dual role in the movie Possessed.


28 responses to “Backlots’ First Blogathon–DUELING DIVAS!

  1. AWESOMMMMME. You know I’m in!!! So many possibilities…

  2. YAY! I’m soooo excited to read your entry, I know yours is going to be super amazing.

  3. Great! I’ll add you to the list!

  4. I’m in and am ready to go! (just remind me!).

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Freaking. Awesome. Just sayin’. I want to join up! ahhh! I’m already SUPER excited! Oh, and my blog address:


  6. Whoo! You can go ahead and use a banner, sometimes that helps me remember about blogathons 🙂 But I will definitely be making a reminder post as it gets closer!

  7. I’m so excited that you’re excited!! I think this is going to be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to read your entry!

  8. Same reaction as Natalie, this is such a BRILLIANT idea. (And what fun it’s going to be, too!!). Count me in!

    My blog (Frankly, My Dear) address:

  9. Thank you!! Added you to the list!! I’m getting excited!

  10. Great idea! I will post the banner on my blog but I haven’t choose a film yet! I’ll let you know!

  11. Good!! There’s plenty of time, no rush to choose a film!

  12. I would love to participate!

  13. You can count on Blame Mame participating!

  14. This sounds like so much fun!! I’d love to participate over at Gold Hollywood!

  15. What an intriguing concept for a blogathon. Count us in at True Classics.

  16. Can I play? Also, is it okay if it’s not exactly a “classic” film? (I’m thinking of writing about Isabelle Adjani’s dual roles in the 1981 film Possession because I’ve been watching so many of her movies lately)

  17. That sounds great!! I’ll count you in!

  18. Looks great!!! I’d love to participate!!!


  19. Looks interesting, and I think I’d like to participate once I come up with a Carole Lombard-related concept (have an idea or two rolling around in my head):

  20. “Duelling Divas” is a fantastic idea, count me in.

  21. Great! I would love to have you participate. One thing to keep in mind, though–since this is a classic movie site, the entries need to be classic film related. Based on your (fabulous) blog, I can assume that you want to do something related to Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan? I could accept some movies they did in the 1980s as classic, but they’re generally not classic actresses. Let me know what you want to blog about, and we’ll talk!

  22. Thanks for the clarification.
    I must admit when I saw the word Diva, the first film character that sprang to my mind was Michelle Pfeiffer’s Susie Diamond from The Fabulous Baker Boys. It’s a shame that film was released in the late 80’s, about 30 years too late to be considered classic Hollywood.
    I will try and work on a post relating to pre 1960’s divas and if I get it done, then I’ll get back to you.

  23. Great idea, we’d love to contribute! (potentially Bette Davis/”The Great Lie”-related). Our blog can be found at

  24. Hi! I’ve written a post for this blogathon:
    It’s in Portuguese, but it can be easily translated by the translator top button. I can’t wait to read the other articles!

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