New poll up!

Drawing on yesterday’s post on the Bette Davis interview, here is a new poll for readers. Feel free to vote here, or if you would like to vote later, the poll will be featured in the Polls section for the next week or so. Thanks, and have fun!

5 responses to “New poll up!

  1. Now, Voyager was my first Bette movie and now, some 20+ movies later, it’s still my favorite.

  2. Bette is remarkable in each role listed in the poll – and I give her a special bow of respect for tackling the grotesque role of ‘Baby Jane Hudson’ in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and going to town with it (she was both repellent and heartbreaking at once)…but I wrote in Leslie Crosbie in “The Letter.” Another write-in might be Regina Giddens in “The Little Foxes”…what I guess I’m saying is that Bette turned in so many superlative and varied performances that it is next to impossible for me to pick a personal favorite or one that I could call her ‘best.’

    On the other hand…my mother wouldn’t have hesitated to vote for Charlotte Vale in “Now, Voyager”…

  3. Wow, I’m a little surprised to see “Now, Voyager” (my choice) ahead of “All About Eve” – I was expecting Eve to win hands down. Not that that would have been a bad thing–how can you not love that movie–but there’s something about Bette’s Charlotte that gets me every single time I watch that movie.

  4. I was expecting the same thing, truthfully–I was actually expecting “Dark Victory” to be higher on the list, too! Everyone loves “Now, Voyager,” and I know I’m in the minority in that it’s not in my top 3 Bette films (those honors go to “Dark Victory,” “All About Eve,” and “Jezebel”), but let’s be honest–Charlotte Vale in competition with Margo Channing? I wasn’t expecting Charlotte Vale to triumph (once again)!

  5. Margo for me, but I have to admit, I ALMOST chose Baby Jane. I just saw What Ever Happened to Baby Jane for the first time last year, and I think I’ve found excuses to write about it at least five times since then, more than just about any other film. 🙂

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