Lucille Ball in “Stage Door”

Lucille Ball is Backlots’ Star of the Week, and Stage Door is one of her best and most prominent early films, not to mention one of my favorites. Here is a compilation of Lucy in the movie. Enjoy!

With Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers.


9 responses to “Lucille Ball in “Stage Door”

  1. Great photos! She looks so young that it’s always take me a second to realize it’s her when I see STAGE DOOR (well, the voice helps enormously).

  2. It really does, doesn’t it? Her voice is so unique. It really takes me aback just how beautiful she was–she was beautiful throughout her life but I think for better or for worse her beauty became eclipsed by her talent as a comedienne. There was something so soft and lovely about her as a young starlet.

  3. Lucy in “Stage Door” makes you think about her character after the movie, makes you want to see that girl again.

  4. I’ve seen Stage Door probably fifteen times, and Lucy is probably my favorite part of it. Or maybe Eve Arden. I can never decide. That movie just crackles, though – it’s pretty awesome on all levels. But I do especialy love getting to see Lucy doing a very different style of comedy than she’s known for with I Love Lucy, and doing it extremely well.

  5. Totally, she’s just a natural at comedy, any kind of it. In my previous Lucy as Star of the Week post, I actually compared early Lucy to Eve Arden, so it’s interesting that you say that! I’m glad to see someone shares my opinion about them, I also absolutely adore Eve Arden, she’s so brilliant and so underrated.

  6. I haven’t seen Stage Door yet, but have it DVRed for later today. I can’t wait to see it!

  7. I LOVE it! I’d love to know what you think!!

  8. Just one episode of I Love Lucy can turn my day into an awesome one. She just knows how to make me laugh my ass off. No television show since can touch hers, its still my favorite. Happy birthday to you Ms Lucy! We miss you.

  9. I am so excited about this weekend full of Lucy on the Hallmark channel (and apparently MeTV is doing one too)! I agree with you, I could watch Lucy all day!

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