Backlots is 5!

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Readers, as I write this, it is difficult for me to fathom that it was 5 years ago when I was sitting in that tiny internet cafe in Paris, creating the blog that would become such a source of joy for me in years to come. And what a 5 years it has been.

When I began Backlots in that March of 2011, I never could have guessed what would be accomplished in just a few years’ time. There would be interviews with some of the great classic film biographers, coverage of prestigious classic film festivals, fun blogathons, and even an interview with Joan Fontaine. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded due to Backlots, and especially appreciative of you, the readers, for keeping me going for 5 years strong.

The blog has changed in many ways since 2011, and due to my current Marion Davies work, the content and blogging schedule has changed with it. But one thing that has remained constant is that I continue to treasure my blogging on Backlots, and am immensely proud of all that it has and will continue to bring to the online classic film community.

So, readers, here’s to us. Happy 5 years on Backlots!

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9 responses to “Backlots is 5!

  1. Very cool, happy 5 years. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on the five year anniversary. I continue to enjoy your site that gives shares your personal insights on classic film.

  3. Very well done! I love this blog. I’ve mentioned it on my own blog a few times, as part of my ‘Classic movie pages/blogs I recommend’. Keep up the fantastic work! 😀

  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

  5. Susan Reynolds

    Happy birthday Backlots! So glad you are able to juggle all of your commitments to keep your fans entertained and informed.

  6. Happy blogiversary!

  7. Happy 5th anniversary!! Glad you are enjoying your work. Continued success!

  8. Barb Auerbach

    Congratulations! Great work.! Are you covering the TCM film fest?

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