TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL UPDATE: Get well soon, Robert Osborne!

The TCM Classic Film Festival, going on its sixth consecutive year later this month, is known for its devoted following and a large, dedicated staff that keeps a monumental event running seamlessly from start to finish. Classic Hollywood guests, behind-the-scenes film programmers and prominent on-air talent bring life to the festival, giving it the vitality that has come to define this event over these past six years. This year, a major component of past festivals will be missing. The legendary Robert Osborne, the face of TCM and a tour-de-force within the film industry, is undergoing surgery the week of the festival and will be unable to appear at the event.

Osborne, approaching his 83rd birthday, still plays an essential and active role in turning the wheels that keep TCM operating. Though he has increasingly delegated hosting duties to Ben Mankiewicz in recent months, he remains a veritable powerhouse on the channel and has achieved the status of a near-deity within the community of classic film aficionados. He will be greatly missed at the festival this year, and Backlots certainly wishes him a speedy recovery.

I have met Robert Osborne a number of times, but I must say that my favorite moment with him was when he asked about my favorite film at the festival. This was a year when they had shown Cover Girl, a movie that I knew was a mutual favorite. We discussed Cover Girl and Rita Hayworth for several minutes, and I walked away thinking “I just talked to Robert Osborne about Rita Hayworth. What a story I have!” So Robert, here’s to your successful surgery–and make way for tomorrow!


5 responses to “TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL UPDATE: Get well soon, Robert Osborne!

  1. So sorry to hear Robert Osborne won’t be well! We’re rooting for him to recover ASAP and sending him with better health from his friends and fans!

  2. carole macleod

    I love Robert Osbourne, and hope his procedure goes well. I bet that was a fascinating conversation. Cover Girl is a beautiful movie.

  3. Yes Lara, we’ll miss him. He’s the face of TCM and the Festival.

  4. His down-to-earth quality is one of the many reasons he remains so popular. Loved hearing your story about discussing COVER GIRL with him.

  5. robert take care of yourself, you are missed greatly. enjoy your life. luv lots.

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