Announcing the Fourth Annual Dueling Divas Blogathon!

Readers, I have been so bogged down with research that this is the first moment I am getting to announce our annual Dueling Divas Blogathon! Usually, the blogathon takes place in December, but this year I am going to need to push it back a bit due to various research obligations during the months of December and January.

So hear ye, hear ye–dust off those jungle red nails and get ready, because Backlots’ 4th Annual Dueling Divas Blogathon is coming to the blogosphere on January 31, 2015! We have had so much fun with this blogathon over the past 3 years, and I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

If you haven’t participated in the past, here is a rundown of how it works.

In the weeks leading up to the blogathon, send me your topic so that I can add you to the list of participants. Your topic may be related to any of the following:

  • Classic film personalities who had a rivalry in real life, either over a particular film role or over a personality clash, ie Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
  • Classic film characters who had a rivalry on the screen, ie Mildred and Veda from Mildred Pierce
  • Any dual role played by an actor or actress in a classic film, ie Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap.

You don’t need to feel limited to a single duel between two personalities or characters. You can talk about various clashes a single actor had (ahem…Bette Davis) or duels within a group. In the past, I have written about the duels in The Women, which was a lot of fun.

When you have chosen your topic, comment on this post with what you would like to write about, and I will keep a running list of participants.

Please feel free to take the banner below to advertise on your own site. I look forward to seeing all of the creativity that has been the signature of this blogathon in previous years!

Here are the participants thus far:

NOW VOYAGING will discuss the legendary sister actresses Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine

FLICK CHICK will take a look at the duel between Sandy and Pamela in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

GOLDDIGGER OF 1933 will tell us about the duel between Lina Lamont and Kathy Selden in Singin’ In the Rain.

SILVER SCREENINGS will get creative and talk about 2 divas who LITERALLY duel, Gregory Peck and David Niven in The Guns of Navarone.

CINEMAVENS (a new blog to be up and running by the time Dueling Divas gets underway) will also get creative and pit Libeled Lady against Easy to Wed.

BARRYBRADFORD.COM will tell us about the duels between Vicki Frederick and Laurene Landon in All the Marbles.

SISTER CELLULOID will write about Kay Francis vs. Carole Lombard in In Name Only.

I SEE A DARK THEATER will take on Rags Ragland’s dual role in Whistling Dixie.

MOON IN GEMINI will give us a post about Barbra Streisand’s dual role in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.

CRITICA RETRO will get murderous with Olivia de Havilland’s portrayal of a suspicious pair of twins in The Dark Mirror.

CHRISTINA RICE will tell us about Bette Davis and Ann Dvorak in Housewife.

See you soon!



50 responses to “Announcing the Fourth Annual Dueling Divas Blogathon!

  1. Can I join in? I was thinking I could do a post about Olivia Di Havilland and Joan Fontaine!

  2. Sure! I love both Olivia and Joan. I’ve met Olivia and interviewed Joan 🙂

  3. Hmmm – I am thinking of doing “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” – Miss Brodie (Maggie Smith) and Sandy (Pamela Franklin).

  4. Perfect and fabulous! I’ll add you to the list 🙂

  5. Hey Lara! Would it be fair game if I choose Kathy Seldon vs. Lina Lamont in “Singin’ in the Rain”?

  6. Oh, TOTALLY! What a great choice, I don’t think we’ve ever had someone do them before. I’ll put you down 🙂

  7. Lara, I’d like to really bend the rules. I’d like to do Gregory Peck vs. David Niven in “The Guns of Navarone”.

  8. That’s not bending the rules! We’re gender-neutral here 🙂 And very much pro-creativity. I’ll mark you down!

  9. Lucky you! I did receive a personal letter and autographed photo from Olivia

  10. Hi Lara – I’d like to participate in the upcoming “Dueling Divas” Blogathon. In fact, by the time this blogathon debuts, I shall be proud the writer of a blog myself: “CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch.” ( When I jump in, I really jump in.) I’d like to tackle Myrna Loy vs. Esther Williams in “Libeled Lady” and “Easy to Wed.” In fact, what I really want to do is pit both movies opposite each other. I say ‘go big’ or ‘go home.’ Would that be okay?

  11. Greetings! I would like to cover Constance Talmadge’s dual role in Her Sister from Paris… and I will also discuss its talkie remake, the infamous Two-Faced Woman (in which Garbo merely pretends to be two people so not technically a dual role but…) So, double dueling and dualing for your money.

  12. christinarice2013

    I’m down to do Ann Dvorak vs Bette Davis in Housewife (1934).

  13. How about an Olivia De Havilland double-feature in The Dark Mirror?

  14. Wonderful! I’ll mark you down!

  15. Lots of creativity this time around! Usually we like to keep the focus on characters, but I’ll bend the rules for my friend Theresa 🙂 You’re on!

  16. Hi! I’d like to write about Barbra Streisand’s dual roles (Daisy Gamble/Melinda Tentrees) in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.

  17. Hi! I’d like to write about the great, underappreciated, and unavailable on DVD last film from the fabulous director Robert Aldrich: “All The Marbles.” It is about the world of women’s wrestling and its stars, Vicki Frederick (A Chorus Line) and Laurene Landon (Airplane 2) get in many duels in the wrestling ring!

  18. Lara, I’d like to do Kay Francis vs. Carole Lombard in “In Name Only,” where the backstory is even more interesting than the film! Their onscreen rivalry was explosive, but offscreen, Carole was very supportive of Kay, who was getting a bit of a royal shaft from Hollywood… 🙂

  19. Hi there! Could I take on Rags Ragland’s dual role in WHISTLING IN DIXIE?

  20. My favourite annual blogathon! Please could I write about the did-they-didn’t-they Dietrich and Garbo?

  21. Sure! I’ll put you down!

  22. I had sent a suggestion but got no response. Shall I assume it was not accepted?

  23. Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t think I got it! Can you send it again?

  24. Oh my! Sounds like fun!

  25. Oooh, love that movie! Yes indeed!

  26. Hi! I’d like to write about the great, underappreciated, and unavailable on DVD last film from the fabulous director Robert Aldrich: “All The Marbles.” It is about the world of women’s wrestling and its stars, Vicki Frederick (A Chorus Line) and Laurene Landon (Airplane 2) get in many duels in the wrestling ring!

  27. I would like to do Ridley Scott’s “The Duellists” that starred Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel, a modern classic from 1977. Ok?

  28. Would love to explore the dynamics between Kim Novak and Rita Hayworth in Pal Joey! Mother, may I?

  29. Can I do Gail Patrick and Ginger Rogers in Stage Door? Leah

  30. I know I’m late to the party, but may I join and write about Bing and Hope in the Road films?

  31. Dear Backlots, are you still accepting submissions? I’d like to write something about lost film Die Falsche Asta Nielsen – The False Asta Nielsen (1915).

  32. Sorry, I meant to say also that it is a film in which Asta Nielsen plays a dual role.

  33. Now that I’m blogging again, I’d love to take part in this! May I do Joan Crawford and Diane Baker in William Castle’s Strait-Jacket?

  34. Hi Lara, if not too late, may I take on Edward G. Robinson as Arthur Ferguson Jones and “Killer” Mannion in The Whole Town’s Talking (1935)? If that’s taken, my 2nd choice would be Charlie Chapin’s duel role in The Great Dictator. Is that ok? Thanks!

  35. Hi Lara! I hope I’m not to late to subscribe to this blogathon. Well, I would like to talk about the opposition between the characters of Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) and Blanche Barrow (Estelle Parsons) in Bonnie & Clyde.
    And what a good idea this blogathon!


  36. Great idea for a blogathon. What about Gail Patrick and Ginger Rogers in Stage Door? Leah

  37. Oh definitely! Sounds great!

  38. Yes, definitely! Glad you’re blogging again!

  39. Yes, sure! Glad to have some guys in the mix 🙂

  40. Thanks! Looking forward to it.

  41. Lara, please correct the link for my entry – it should be

  42. Hi Barry, I just checked the link and it goes through. Was it not working for you?

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