Backlots Forays Further Into Facebook–Introducing the Backlot Commissary!


In this age of social media rule, a pervasive online presence is a requirement for the survival of a blog. As Backlots grows in its readership and prominence online, I have realized the need to expand its reach on the various social media platforms on which the blog has a presence.

Backlots’ Facebook page has proven to be a spot where I can post content for my readers, but I have found it to be limiting in terms of interaction. So hear ye, hear ye–in addition to Backlots’ Facebook page, I am hereby introducing the Backlot Commissary! The Commissary is a Facebook group in which readers can have interactive discussions with each other, post content, and communicate with other classic film fans. I hope that it will be a nice place for classic film socializing, and that we can have some great and meaningful discussions there.

Clark Gable eats at the MGM Commissary.

To join, simply click the link above and find “Request to Join Group” on the page. It is an open group, so as long as you have a a Facebook account, you shouldn’t have trouble joining. If you do, please let me know in the comments to this post and I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to talking with you at the Backlot Commissary!



2 responses to “Backlots Forays Further Into Facebook–Introducing the Backlot Commissary!

  1. Great idea, Lara, and I look forward to it! I have to admit shamefully that I tried a page of my own, but I was a terrible owner owner … just not consistent enough to make it work! Well, that’s me, and I’ll just join in on the fun with your page. Happy New Year, Lara!

  2. I guess you know that “owner owner” was not what I meant to say! I think I’m typing too fast!

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