Introducing the Carole Lombard Filmography Project










As you may recall, I created a poll last week in which I asked you, my readers, whose filmography you would most like to see profiled on the site. The clear winner was the beautiful and talented Carole Lombard, whom I happen to absolutely adore, so I am very excited to embark on a quest to view and analyze her complete filmography for the site.

One obstacle (one that there would have been had anyone won the poll) is that a number of Carole Lombard’s early films have been lost. For example, from her very first film appearance at age 12 in A Perfect Crime (1921), there seem to be only a few stills left, and the film itself has disappeared. When I try to tackle a film and find that this has happened, I will provide a summary and note that it has been lost and is unavailable for viewing.

I welcome guest posts–if you are a Lombard fan and would like to write a piece on what she means to you, shoot me an email with the article attached at and your piece will appear as a guest post on the site. In addition, if you would like to provide your own analysis of a film, you may contribute that as well.

Within the next few days, the event will kick off with a profile of Carole Lombard’s life. It will last until all of her movies have been seen and analyzed (or noted and summarized, in the case of a lost film), however long that may take. In between posts for the Carole Lombard Filmography Project, I will write other entries as usual and keep the blog up to date.

This promises to be quite an endeavor, but I am ready and excited for it. Viva Carole Lombard!


2 responses to “Introducing the Carole Lombard Filmography Project

  1. An enormous and engaging undertaking- I look forward to incisive and revealing analysis- that helps me understand this wonderful star.

  2. Looking forward to this!

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