My Schedule for the TCM Classic Film Festival

This is what I will be doing each day at the TCM Classic Film Festival. The memorabilia I am bringing to appraise is my copy of Every Frenchman Has One signed to me by Olivia de Havilland, my 1986 Franklin Mint Melanie Hamilton doll, and my copy of Girl Around the World by Dorothy Kilgallen. I can’t wait!


1:00: Meet TCM Panel (Club TCM)
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

5:00 PM: Festival Welcome Party (Club TCM)
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7:30 PM: High Society at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel pool


9:00 AM: Wings
Chinese Multiplex 1

12:30 PM: I’m No Angel
Chinese Multiplex 4

3:00 PM: Nothing Sacred
Chinese Multiplex 3

6:00 PM: Vertigo
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

9:15 PM: Letter From an Unknown Woman
Chinese Multiplex 4


9:30 AM: Auntie Mame
Egyptian Theatre

1:45 PM: Trouble in Paradise
Chinese Multiplex 4

6:30 PM: Singin’ In the Rain
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

9:30 PM: A Night to Remember
Chinese Multiplex 1


9:30 AM: Black Narcissus
Chinese Multiplex 1

11:00 AM: Lara goes to have memorabilia appraised (Club TCM)

3:30 PM: The Women
Egyptian Theatre

6:45 PM: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
Chinese Multiplex 2

9:00 PM: Festival Closing Night Party (Club TCM)


6 responses to “My Schedule for the TCM Classic Film Festival

  1. Extremely jealous! You’ll be seeing some of my favorite films – Mr. Blandings, The Women, Auntie Mame, Wings. What I wouldn’t give to see those on the big screen. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thank you, Lindsey! I’m very excited, I will be filling all of you in about what goes on. Thanks for reading!

  3. UGH I’m the jealousest. Be sure to come back with a full report for us unlucky ones!

  4. I am so excited for you, and reading the schedule makes me smile. I hope I will get to the fest one day. Have a great time, and good luck on your appraisals!

  5. Ugh, this sounds amazing! Have so much fun and tell Marissa, Wendy and Christina I said hi! PS, pics or it didn’t happen! 😉

  6. Lucky you! (While you’re at the “Nothing Sacred” screening, will you kindly tell people about “Carole & Co.”?)

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