Now, how do we get from one to the other?

This race of linking Charlie Chaplin to Grace Kelly started off as such:

Charlie Chaplin ——-> Virginia Cherrill (City Lights, 1931), linked by ClassicBecky

Virginia Cherrill ————> Alastair Sim (Troubled Waters, 1936)

And now it falls to me to connect:

Here it goes:

Alastair Sim appeared in Rogue Male (1976) with Peter O’Toole.

Now for my turn to pick the next person to connect to:

And for the honors, I’m shooting it back to the creators of this game–My Love of Old Hollywood!!


5 responses to “SIX DEGREES, PART II

  1. When you were passed Peter O’Toole, you are supposed to connect him to another actor through a film. That actor could be Grace Kelly or another actor.

  2. For those who don’t know, that’s Peter Finch. (Now it’s time to connect the Peters…er, let me rephrase that…)

  3. Thank You! I shall do my best to connect O’Toole to Grace.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Vincent, Lara,
    I’m confused. Am I connecting Peter Finch or Peter O’Toole to Grace?

  5. PETER FINCH. I’ve already done it in my mind, it can be done easily 🙂

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