A Carole Lombard Dream


Upon falling asleep last night after a relatively uneventful evening, I had a dream about Carole Lombard. Mind you, I have not seen any of Lombard’s movies for about a month or so, and wasn’t particularly thinking about her yesterday, so this was a rather strange occurrence.

The dream consisted of my volunteering for a dinner party at a swanky restaurant in San Francisco (my hometown) with some friends. We were given our duties and then told by the host: “When Carole Lombard gets here, be sure to let me know.” I waited and waited for Carole Lombard to get there, and when she arrived, she was dazzling as usual.

But what really struck me about this dream was that this was not the Carole Lombard at the age she was at the peak of her career–in fact she never reached the age at which I was seeing her. This was Carole Lombard around age 50, looking radiant and beautiful, with her angel face and blonde hair unmistakable.

She came over to us and started a conversation filled with one-liners and jokes, and she stayed with us the entire evening, making us laugh. Carole Lombard was so captivating that we forgot to tell the host she was there, preferring to keep her for ourselves that evening.

I wonder what this means. Her birthday was on October 6, but now that it’s almost November, it has been nearly a month since the Carole Lombard internet birthday celebrations. Given the fact that she was nearly 20 years older than she was at the time of that tragic plane crash in the Sierra Nevadas, I like to think that she’s checking in to tell us that she’s all right and happy. I hope so.

Anyway, I close this little blurb with Carole as she probably would want to be remembered–for her hilarious antics, both onscreen and off. Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “A Carole Lombard Dream

  1. How nice.

    To Carole, somewhere, a paraphrase of a line from a famed Blondie song: We’re still always touched by your presence, dear.

  2. That’s interesting, backlots, because I’ve often wondered what certain favorites of mine would have been like if they had lived to be older. Errol Flynn is my fave, and he died too soon, only 50. Gail Russell, who was so troubled and took her own life too young. James Dean, of course. Fascinating dream…

  3. Lara –
    Love that Carole came to your town (SF) and that you kept her all to yourself, not reporting her arrival to the party host. I think you’re intent on possessing some very powerful movie magic!
    Also love the “Godfrey” outtakes -great stuff…

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