September Birthdays

I’m back, dear readers! My paper is finally done, and I can post to my heart’s content. Today actually happens to be my birthday. I’m not entirely sure how I got to be 26, but here I am and I have to deal with the fact that I’m now in my mid-late 20’s.

For your entertainment, and to ease the pain of aging, I have compiled a list of those classic actors and actresses who share my glorious birthday month of September. Here they are!


ALAN LADD–September 3

MITZI GAYNOR–September 4



FAY WRAY–September 15

LAUREN BACALL–September 16

GRETA GARBO–September 18

PAUL MUNI–September 22

MICKEY ROONEY–September 23

GENE AUTRY–September 29

2 responses to “September Birthdays

  1. happy birthday , dear Lara, may your days to come be as bright and happy as –a Minnelli musical

    ps “the pain of aging” at 26—? you are joking,of course, at this age many of your favourite stars were stll virtually unkown.

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