New items in my collection

An extremely generous friend just sent me a huge amount of Joan Fontaine memorabilia. Included in this picture are:

  • 15 DVDs
  • A handwritten postcard from Ms. Fontaine
  • Magazine clippings
  • A personal coat that belonged to her.

The postcard. From the stamps, it looks like it was sent sometime in the 1970’s or so?

I am so lucky to have so many incredible friends. Seriously. I am so grateful.


4 responses to “New items in my collection

  1. I didn’t know you were a collector – I think you might be interested in this blog: The Vintage Film Costume Collector at –

  2. Thanks!! Yeah I am a fledgling collector–I’m a starving student, so basically all I can afford right now are magazines and other cheap-ish memorabilia items, but hopefully after I start my full-time job in September I’ll be able to afford more. My goal is to save enough money to get a costume at Debbie Reynolds’ auction in December!

  3. Good luck, and if you manage to get one, please post pix! I was roaming the Internet a week or so ago, perusing film-related collectibles and noticed that a vest Gary Cooper wore in “Morocco” (1930) up for auction:

  4. Oh, I definitely will post pics if I get something! I’m sure it won’t be anything big, because even though I’ll have a full-time job I’ll need to pay other bills as well and on my preschool teacher’s salary I’m going to have to budget! That’s awesome about Gary Cooper’s coat, I think I saw that a while back too, I really want to start collecting costumes as soon as possible!!

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