Support Lindon’s movie!

My friend Lindon Warren, a Judy fan and an INCREDIBLY talented Judy Garland impersonator, is making a movie! The movie is called “Finding Judy,” and it’s a documentary about his journey with Judy and how it has helped him cope with some of life’s curveballs. It has already been selected for numerous film festivals, including the Boston LGBT Film Festival, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and the FilmOut San Diego Film Festival, and though I haven’t seen it yet, if I know Lindon’s work, it’s going to be absolutely magnificent.

I first discovered Lindon on youtube, doing impressions of Judy in all her various incarnations–young, old, dealing with problems, etc., and I was so taken with it–these are the best Judy Garland impressions I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve just learned about this movie and thought I would share with you, so that if you see it at a film festival near you, you will go out and see it and support Lindon.

To see some of his brilliant work, here are some clips of him doing Judy:

And my personal favorite:

And please “like” the movie on facebook ! Thanks for your support!


One response to “Support Lindon’s movie!

  1. this is so great. thanks for sharing!

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