So, I have a film blog.

This is Backlots, my answer to the repeated cries of  “Have you ever thought of making a film blog??” that have been ringing in my ears for some time now. I can now say to those parties that yes, I have thought of making a film blog–indeed, it has been created! This is a new endeavor for me, so let me outline exactly what I hope to accomplish with this site.

-I hope to give you, the reader, my take and analysis on classic movies, both familiar and unfamiliar. I’ll probably post lots of pictures.

-I would also like to choose an actor or actress of the week, write out his or her biography (most likely with my own commentary–I enjoy commentary), and dedicate the week’s post to that person’s films.

-I am definitely going to talk a lot about my favorite people, because that’s unavoidable. Prepare to hear a lot about Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Olivia de Havilland, Rosalind Russell, and other immensely fabulous people for whom I have a particular affinity.

-I want to dedicate one day a week to a specific director, in conjunction with the actor/actress of the week. This way, we can try to give the directors the credit they deserve and seldom get.

-I am going to try to make this blog as entertaining and informative as possible.

Thanks for reading! Welcome to Backlots!


2 responses to “So, I have a film blog.

  1. Yaaaaay blog buddies! Looking great so far, Lara! Let me know if you need any assistance/tips with WordPress.

  2. Thanks Caroline! I probably will at some point, the interwebs scare me.

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